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08th Jan 2013

Holy Sh*t… Eco-Friendly Modelling: The Ladies Of Manure 2013 Calendar Is Here

Anyone's birthdays coming up?!

Somehow we can’t see the Salpas and Davisons of the world catching on to this calendar trend…

The start of a new year inevitably means a spanking, brand new calendar for the kitchen/bedroom/living room.

Why not invest in the Fertile Earth Foundations’s calendar? It’s a wall calendar both environmentalists and bikini-wearing girl oglers can enjoy.

The pages feature scantily-clad women frolicking about in the excrement, sitting on a toilet and, eh-hem, posing seductively with toilet paper.

The eco-friendly calendar costs $25 and the intention is to get people thinking about how so much of our waste goes to waste.

“Before you write us off as crazy poop-loving hippies, let us ask you one more question: have you ever seen waste in nature? No one needs to sweep the forest, scoop up deer poop, or recycle in the mangroves.”

True that… and so THAT’S what these ladies are portraying?

Seductive pre-toilet shots…

“Just doing my bit for the environment…”

Ahhh… too far?

They’ve discovered the power of Instagram…