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14th May 2013

Hold Us Now – Nine Reasons Johnny Logan Is A National Treasure

He put us on the Eurovision map...

Johnny Logan may not be writing Eurovision gems anymore, but he certainly wrote one or two in his day. Every year around Eurovision time, he makes a comeback, the Eurovision Oracle and our constructive critic, Johnny was born to be a part of this event. Here are nine reasons he is one of our national treasures.

1. This song

This genius, genius song.

2. And this one…

Round 2 anyone?

3. And he wrote this one.

The man is a Eurovision song writing machine!

4. This photo

5. That unbelievable McDonald’s ad

Who doesn’t want Johnny in their kitchen singing?

6. This album cover

Smooth, Johnny. Real Smooth.

7. He keeps out the cold

We need someone to keep out the cold. Like this.

8. He lets us know everything is going to be ok

Twisty Fries?

9. He is humble

That guy from the McDonald’s ad…