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04th May 2013

Hitting The Town? The 9 Things That Happen When You’re Getting Ready For A Night Out

Don't worry. These things happen to us all.

There’s nothing better than ringing up the girls and getting ready to hit the town on a night out. Sometimes having the chats as you do your hair and make-up can be even better than the night out itself!

However, there are certain things that nearly always happen when you’re in the process of getting ready to leave the house. These things can be annoying, frustrating and just plain hilarious. They happen to us all.

No matter what you’re doing tonight, we bet you’ve experienced at least one thing on this list.

Here are the 9 things that happen when you’re getting ready for a night out…


Planned going out outfit is in the wash: nooooo!

1. You realise your outfit is in the wash: You were 99.9 per cent sure that your favourite LBD was freshly washed and hanging up in your wardrobe just waiting for another outing. Oh the pain of discovering that it’s actually filthy and has been lying at the bottom of the washing basket for the past three weeks. Cue the inevitable ‘omg-what-will-I-wear-now?!’ panic.

2. The heel on your favourite pair of shoes is wonky: This is probably because you danced up a storm in your heels the last night you were out. However, these were the comfiest pair of heels you owned. Now you have to opt for the pair that will most likely crucify you all night. So long feet, it was nice knowing ya!

3. There’s no hot water: On the one night you decide to go out, every single one of your housemates decides to have a shower meaning there’s no hot water left by the time you finally get into the bathroom. Washing your hair with freezing cold water over the side of the bath? Yep. We’ve all been there and it’s not pretty.

4. You mess up in the final stages: You’ve spent at least an hour and a half putting on your make-up. Your cheeks are contoured to perfection, your skin looks airbrushed – your make-up has NEVER looked this good. You decide to add a sexy slick of gel eyeliner to finish off your look and you completely screw it up. You try to fix it by scrubbing at your face with a make-up wipe but this just ends up making it worse. FML.

“I’ll just sit down for five minutes…”

5. You get your timing screwed up: Sometimes you’re so excited to get out on the town that you start getting ready ridiculously early. It’s 6.30pm, you’re not leaving the house until 9pm so you decide to go and watch telly with your housemates. You end up getting engrossed in an episode of The Cube and before you know it your friends have arrived all dolled up and you still need to put on your clothes, do your hair and throw on your make-up.

6. You get a little happy with the pre-drinks: You were aiming for ‘merry’ now you and your friends are so drunk you can’t even leave the house. And it’s only half nine. Morto.

7. You spill something on yourself: It is a cruel law of the universe that when you’re wearing a deadly outfit, you will spill something on it right before you walk out your front door. Fact.

“These will totally be dry in three minutes. Totally.”

8. You decide to do your nails at the very last minute: You had all night to paint your nails (hell, you could’ve done it while you were watching The Cube) but no. Instead you decide to speed paint them five minutes before the taxi arrives. This results in ridiculous smudges and you bemoaning the state of your nails for the entire taxi ride into town.

9. The weather doesn’t want to work with your wardrobe choices: It was sunny when you went upstairs to change into your maxi dress and wedge sandals. Now it’s snowing. Damn you weather!