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29th Dec 2012

Hills, Highlights and a Hottie: the Best of Tonight’s TV

The hills are alive with the sound of the music but the television is also alive with the sight of great programmes!

From the story behind one of the greatest musicals of all time to a movie starring the delectable Johnny Depp (he’s the hottie to which we referred to earlier), it’s a night for the sofa.

Climbed Every Mountain – The Story Behind the Sound of Music (8.15pm)

The film is an absolute classic but behind it lies the story of a family. This evening Sue Perkins travels to Austria to explore its history.

The Best of the Graham Norton Show 2012 – TV3 (9.00pm)

Tonight you can see all the highlights from this year’s series including big name guests and of course a few stories from the red chair.

Love Actually – UTV (9.30pm)

If you didn’t catch this festive favourite about a number of interlinked love stories, here it is again. Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley and Hugh Grant are among the cast.

Mrs Brown’s Boys – RTÉ One (9.35pm)

In the new series the family celebrates the triplets’ baptism and Agnes’ kitchen is falling apart. However that’s the least of her worries when Mark delivers some upsetting news

Chocolat – Channel 4 (1.35pm)

This romantic comedy, starring the oh-so-tasty Johnny Depp, might be on a little bit late but it is certainly worth the under-eye bags.