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06th Feb 2013

He’s Been Watching The World Go By For Years: Council Build Waterford Man Tawdy Morrissey His Own Bench

Now Tawdy can sit in peace off the hard shoulder of the road and continue to watch the world go by...

Some people have been watching the world go by from the same spot for years, and you can be guaranteed that every day is different.

Waterford man “Tawdy” Morrissey has been doing just that on the road to Tramore for years. So much so that the Waterford Council decided to build him a bench so he can now sit in safety off the road’s hard shoulder.

Mr Morrissey can now watch the “to-ings and fro-ings” between the city and coast for many more years to come.

Imgur user Barbie91 wrote “This story has restored my faith in humanity” above the photo.

The article reads:

Even the snows of recent days didn’t deter ‘Tawdy’ Morrissey from his new perch on the Waterford-Tramore road.

The new seat was recently installed for Tawdy by the Road Department of Waterford City Council, who can now sit in safety off the road’s hard shoulder near the Halfway House from where he’s observed the to-ings and fro-ings between city and coast for many years.

Tawdy resides on the opposite side of the road near Steinberg Fireplaces.