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17th Sep 2015

Here’s What Your Favourite Biscuit Says About You…

Your favourite treat can say a lot about your personality

Rebecca McKnight

Do you have to have a biscuit with every cup of tea? Is your tea break the first thing you think about when you get into work?

Well, it turns out that the type of biscuit you choose can actually say a lot about your personality.

McVitie’s once conducted a survey that found out what type of people eat what type of biscuit.

Those who reach for a Rich Tea tend to be shy while the fun-loving among us seem to go for the traditional Digestive.

A Milk Chocolate Digestive eater is believed to be kind and Hobnobs were found to signify a good sense of humour.

It was discovered that people who eat Ginger Nuts have a fiery temper and are sophisticated.

As for the Jaffa Cake (which is not deemed a biscuit by many), it was related to cheekiness and a lack of responsibility.

Hat-tip: The Mirror