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05th Feb 2014 On The Go: Aertv Pick Of The Day… Horrible Bosses

It's our pick of the day...


Sick of missing programs because you’re on the train or you know, asleep? Well, don’t fret. and Aertv App have come together to bring you our portable pick of the day, suitable to watch in bed late at night or when you’re on the move to and from work! Plus, Aertv ensures there will be no more fighting over the remote, you can watch TV when you want, where you want.

Our pick of the day is one of our favourite comedy films, the hilarious Horrible Bosses.

The film revolves around three friends, Dale, Kurt and Nick who collectively have the worst bosses known to mankind, including a pretty evil Kevin Spacey, nymphomaniac Jennifer Aniston and just general nasty guy Colin Farrell.

The trio decide that they really don’t need their horrible bosses in their lives anymore and so devise a plan to murder the three of them.

Horrible Bosses will air on Aertv, RTE1 at 9.30pm.

For more information on Aertv and the range of offers available just check out their website by clicking here.