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17th Nov 2013

Her Hero Of The Week Is…

Ever wondered where all the good men are gone? Or where are all the gods? So have we.

It’s that time of the week again, ladies…

This week we’re only too delighted to honour #HerHeroOfTheWeek to one legendary father from county Cork.

Amy Brett from Carrigaline got in touch with us during the week and revealed she had a, “small (ok, quite big) obsession” with the Doctor Seuss book and movie, Horton Hears A Who.

The 17-year-old explained how she quotes it constantly and makes her Dad watch the movie with her at every opportunity.

Recently Mr. Brett was working in Scotland, on his second morning away Amy awoke to find a text from him. He’d noticed that the accommodation block next to him happened to be called Horton and sent this sweet text to his daughter back home.

Dad text Dad text2

“It was a small gesture, but it made me smile for the day… For that and all the other small things he does for me and my brother all the time, I think he should be the ‘Her Hero’.”

We hope he appreciates this, Amy!


Do you know a HERO?

Ladies, every week we will select one complete gentleman to be Her Hero, not without your help of course…

How can you help? Send an image of someone you think is an absolute hero, and if we agree, your entry will get a very deserving and coveted place.

He doesn’t have to be fast, he doesn’t necessarily have to be brave, or have ever been involved in a fight in his life… but it may help.

The picture can be anything, a nice gesture from your boyfriend (providing you have one), a text from your Dad or friend, or even someone lovely you happen to meet on the street. Surprise us!

Send your potential Her Heroes to [email protected] or use the #HerHeroOfTheWeek on Twitter.

Until next week ladies…


Her Hero