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20th Jul 2012

Having Big Boobs is Not All That!

Busty girls don't always have it all. has had a bit of a moan on the behalf of big boobs everywhere.


Having big boobs isn’t all that! It seems that big busted ladies are not allowed to give out about their boobs without tuts, sighs and certain sarcastic remarks from our less booby sisters along the lines of ‘life is so difficult when you fill out a top isn’t it?’ Sometimes life with big boobs can be hard! This is for all the busty ladies out there who need a little moan. We’ve come up with a few problems that vex the well endowed!

  • Low cut tops and dresses are so out and it is near impossible to find anything with a flattering neckline on the high street. Every mannequin is supporting tops with a high neckline and this is not a good look for girls who have big boobs because it can make you look boxy and square. Fashion has forgotten all about us!
  • We can’t buy bras in Penny’s. This is possibly the most distressing by product of being busty. We can’t buy lovely bras at a bargain. Penny’s is a world for A, B and C cups and is not well stocked for anything much bigger. Instead we have to fork out to an expensive lingerie shop for anything mildly attractive. Sob.
  • Busty girls always have to worry about support. We can’t ever get away with not wearing a bra and if we even attempted it the result would not be pretty. Backless and strapless dresses are a no-go for the simple reason that we always need support. It really sucks.
  • Running is a problem. Unless we are strapped down in a sports bra we will not be dashing to catch the next train. It would not be a fetching display to see stray boobs falling out of our tops on platform two. A major ouch to our dignity.
  • Creeps will stare. We know that creeps are an inevitable part of life that all girls face but surely the worst are the ones who stare at your boobs on the bus. Get us out of here! Shiver.