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28th Nov 2012

Have You Seen This Snowman? Wicklow Town Desperate to Find Missing Inflatable Snowman

Gardai have said that sometimes missing decorations tend to reappear when the culprit "sobers up."

Have you seen Snowy the snowman? He’s around 60ft, looks a bit inflatable, has a pointy red nose and was last seen wearing a black bowler hat in Wicklow town.

Yes, believe it or not, gardaí are actually staging a (snow)manhunt after Snowy, who was the main attraction on a roof shop in the centre of Wicklow town, vanished late on Monday night.

Snowy went missing just after the town launched its Victorian Christmas festival over the weekend.

But this isn’t the first time that Wicklow’s Christmas decorations have mysteriously disappeared. A source at the local garda station said that sometimes decorations go walk about but reappear later when the thief sobers up a bit.

“We actually caught a drunken eejit walking with a reindeer,” said the source, speaking to the Irish Independent.

However, the source was quick to add that it was also possible Snowy had simply been blown away by the bad weather earlier in the week.

Snowy is 60ft tall and has a pointy red nose and a black bowler hat

Either way, locals want to know what happened to their 60ft snowman. Wicklow Business People have issued a plea to have the snowman returned in time for the town’s Christmas festival.

“We are offering all kinds of Christmas treats to anyone with information on his whereabouts,” said a spokesperson.

So, if you happen to come across a huge, inflatable snowman wearing a black bowler hat – you know who to call.