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15th Feb 2013

Have You Seen The Front Page Of The Sun Today?

The tabloid has sparked outrage with the "sexist" and "tasteless" way it chose to report Oscar Pistorius' arrest.

The Oscar Pistorius murder case is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest news stories of the week. However, The Sun newspaper has caused outrage today with the way it chose to reported the blade runner’s arrest.

The paper decided to report the athlete’s arrest by running a huge picture of Reeva Steenkamp (Pistorius’ girlfriend) in a bikini alongside the story which outlined how she was killed.

We won’t host the image here but if you want to see it you can view it via by clicking here.

The image and the insensitive headline have caused outrage and thousands of people have taken to Twitter to complain about how the paper reported the story, arguing that it was sexist and incredibly tasteless.

The former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott tweeted the following:

While Labour MP Chris Bryant demanded that Rupert Murdoch issue an apology:

Oscar Pistorius has been formally charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. According to reports, the sprinter and gold medal winner broke down in a South African court earlier today when a Magistrate read him the charge.

He was also visibly upset when the prosecution revealed their intention to argue that he is guilty of “premeditated murder.”

The world was shocked when it was reported that thirty-year-old Reeva, a model, had been found dead in Pistorius’ home in the early hours of yesterday morning.

A petition has been set up in an attempt to force The Sun to apologise for running the controversial front page today.