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31st Dec 2013

“Happy New Year!” Nine Things That Always Happen On New Year’s Eve

It always goes the same way really...

So, you just got over the Christmas and it is the beginning of a new year but before January 1st, you will need to go and get trollied on December 31st to ring in the New Year. That night will always go the same way. Here are nine things that will always happen on New Year’s Eve.

1. You might not be able to get into your dress.

You know this will happen! It has happened to everyone before and it will happen again. Loose fitting is the key.

2. You will have a couple of drinks in the house, but then you will want to stay there.

Why did we decide to go out? It’s going to be packed in town, you will never get a taxi, you won’t be able to move in the club. Next year, house parties only. You will forget this again by the end of the year so remind yourself.


3. A couple will break up.

One of the couple will suddenly realise that they don’t want to start another year together. The next thing you know, tears everywhere.

4. Speaking of crying…

Someone will end up in the bathrooms crying their eyes out about “another year lost”. You resent having to stay with them because they’re about to start the countdown.

5. Someone will always pass out before midnight.

They really tried to get to midnight, but it’s just not going to happen. They started drinking at eight, they will be out like a light at eleven.

6. Someone will miss the countdown.

They didn’t realise it was coming up to midnight and off they went for a ramble. They will turn up at 12.20am disorientated and annoyed they missed the most important part of the night.


7. The people you least expected to get together, will get together.

How are they kissing? They hate each other. They literally cannot stand each other. What do you mean they really like each other?

8. You will realise New Year’s Eve is a massive anti-climax.

Why did I buy this dress? This night absolutely never lives up to the reputation. Ever.

9. You will not get a taxi.

Expect to walk home. You will not get a taxi.