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19th Nov 2012

Happily Ever After? Obsessed Twilight Fan Plans to Marry Cardboard Cut-Out of Edward Cullen

Meet Lauren Adkins - a woman so obsessed with Twilight that she's currently planning on getting hitched to a cardboard version of Edward Cullen...

If you thought you were the biggest Twilight fan on the face of the earth, you might want to start rethinking your title because an obsessed fan is planning on marrying a cardboard cut-out of broody vampire Edward Cullen. Yes, seriously.

Metro reports that Twilight obsessive, Lauren Adkins, has her dream wedding booked and has invited 50 guests to watch her tie the knot with her cardboard boyfriend in Las Vegas.

Lauren met her hubby-to-be in a music shop back in November 2010, and took him home with her after she bought him for €19. Since that fateful day, the couple have hardly spent any time apart. (D’aw, young love…)

Lauren has been absolutely obsessed with Edward Cullen ever since she read the Twilight novels

“It’s a beautiful, escapist fantasy, and I’m living it. I’ve also got the invitations sorted, and even have a beach honeymoon planned for me and my vampire hubby,” gushed Lauren, speaking about her upcoming nuptials.

“I’m going through all the steps a normal bride does. It’s absolutely real,” she added.

Unfortunately when it came to the proposal, Lauren’s man wasn’t able to get down on bended knee and surprise her with a ring (mainly because he’s made of cardboard and y’know… can’t actually move…). So instead Lauren popped the question herself.

“I didn’t ask him to marry me out loud, I didn’t have to,” said the 24-year-old art student.

“And I knew by his silence he’d said yes. Of course he’d say “yes,”” she added.

Lauren wants a ceremony like the one shared by Bella and Edward in the Twilight films

Already news of Lauren and Edward’s wedding has started to spread, and the student is reportedly dropping €2,500 on her big day.

“My friends and family think I’m bonkers,” said Lauren.

“A few of my ex-boyfriends found out and they’re surprised I’m taking things this far, but they’ve always known I’m a massive romantic,” she added.

Lauren and Edward will get hitched at the Viva Las Vegas chapel on January 26th. We wish them lots of happiness for their future together…