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02nd May 2013

Happily Ever After: Dog’s Incredible Story Of Survival Goes Viral

Meet Kali, a dog who made an incredible recovery thanks to some very kind people.

A dog named Kali has been taking the internet by storm after her amazing story of survival went viral today.

The Huffington Post reports that Kali is making an incredible recovery after half of her body was severely burned in a fire last year.

Back in December 2012, strong winds knocked over a heater in a shed and set it alight. Unfortunately, poor Kali was trapped inside and unable to escape. Kali’s frantic barks alerted her owner to the fire.

The terrified dog was saved but sadly, Kali suffered deep tissue burns. The burns covered over 50 per cent of her body and her chance of survival was slim.

The story gets even sadder here. Kali’s owner wasn’t able to afford the dog’s medical bills so they turned her over to vet techs at the Clermont Veterinary Hospital. Little did Kali know that these were the people who would save her life.

Today, Kali is a happy, healthy dog who is almost completely healed from her ordeal thanks to the care and support of the team at the veterinary hospital.

Kali adores the vet techs who took her in and saved her life

“She knew were were trying to help and her desire to live is what helped with the healing process,” said Kimberly Hayes, one of the vet techs looking after Kali.

When the dog was first brought in to the hospital, vets were astounded that she was still alive and breathing.

“They said they’d never seen burns that involved and just that horrific. They said they’ll probably never see a case like this again,” said Ms Hayes.

Once Kali had her initial treatment, the vet techs kept a constant eye on her wounds to make sure they stayed infection-free during her recovery. The kind-hearted technicians also started a Facebook page appealing for donations to pay for the dog’s medical treatment.

Kali is now a very happy and healthy animal

“No matter how bad things may be for us, whether it’s an accident, whatever is going on in our lives… she’s taught me to love and to trust,” said Ms Hayes.

We think Kali’s story is a prime example of how compassionate and good people can be.