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17th May 2016

Guy turns his girlfriend’s maternity shoot into a proposal

It's adorable.

There are a few moments in life where it’s hard to capture exactly what happened.

Proposals are very often missed because of their nature of being private. Generally, if a camera were to be set up, it would spoil the surprise.

But this guy, Louis Bruno, had the best idea to capture his proposal to his girlfriend. They had a maternity photoshoot planned and Louis had a cunning plan to pop the question in the middle of it.

The best part is that it was all caught on camera.

artCimages Photography took the photos and they are adorable.



prop 3

Images via Lorenza Donna


Speaking about the photos, Lorenza told Buzzfeed, “The photographer had us standing back to back — he said that’s a shot he does with a lot of couples. He told me to put my hands on my belly, and then I turned around. I was looking at Louis’ face, so I didn’t see the ring at first.

“I’m an emotional person as is, and especially so with pregnancy hormones. I really don’t even know what he said. I was just crying and shaking.

“We’ve been together five years, and we were planning on getting married all along. The baby was a little surprise because I was on birth control, but things happen.”