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01st Aug 2012

Golf Most Popular Excuse for Cheating Men

Our cheating counterparts have a variety of excuses they like to use when scoring a birdie of a different kind.

You have been warned ladies. If your husband or partner is packing up the golf buggy for yet another round of golf, stand back and take notice. Is he really on his way to play golf? Or is he on his way to score a birdie of another sort?

A survey has revealed our ever-imaginative male counterparts use GOLF as the top excuse to cover up a fling or affair. The study showed over 45 per cent of the men who sneaked off for a quick kiss, or more, told their supposedly under-par wives they were going for a round. We should really question that ‘hole-in-one’…

Do we give them more credit than they’re due? Golf…really? It seems like the most clichéd excuse to tell a wife, but it does allow the cheating partners off for at least three hours of the day…

The more adventurous-minded men may be kicking themselves in the foot. The second most popular excuse to allow a few extra hours with their missus is MOTOR RACING, with 27 per cent availing of the speedy sport as a bluff. Do they think women are not interested in these sports? Motor-racing love? Oh hey, I’ll come watch!

And, finally, you guessed it- “SOCCER with the lads” scored well at number three in the alibi poll, which was carried out by UK-based affairs website Illicit Encounters.

Interesting to see if women’s excuses include beauticians, shopping and coffee with the girls..

Well now ladies, first of all, let’s go get that green fee…