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16th Feb 2013

God Dad, You’re So Embarrassing: Dad Takes Photo Bomb To The Next Level In Prom Photo

First one to spot dad...

Can’t dads be so embarrassing?

Well, we’ve gone beyond that age now and we just think they’re laugh-out-loud, knee-slapping hilarious.

Take this dad or example.

His daughter has spent hours picking a dress, doing her hair, trying on shoes, putting on her makeup, hoping and praying that this handsome young lad would ask her to the big event.. it’s going to be her first adult night out all dressed up, it’s her PROM.

But dad doesn’t want her to forget that he will always be watching her… or else it’s just something they can laugh at in years to come.

We love it. Kudos to Reddit user embee90 for posting it online.