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28th Nov 2014

Go Your Own Way… One Wedding Tradition Looks to be Over

Most brides said they found the tradition outdated and unfair.

Rebecca McKnight

It’s good news for the father of the bride if a new wedding survey is to be believed, as it seems he now only has to worry about walking his baby down the aisle and making a speech – but paying for the shindig is a thing of the past. 

With the average wedding costing tens of thousands of euro, the financial burden of the big day is a considerable one, so it seems entirely fair that the days of expecting the bride’s parents to pay for it all are over.

New research conducted by UK jewellers Beaverbrooks found that 42 per cent of couples now pay for the big day themselves, and only 18 per cent of brides’ parents picked up the total bill.

The study, which canvassed 2,000 brides, further found that over half of women say they never expected their father to pay for the celebrations, believing the tradition to be dated and unfair.

It seems the more common practice now is for family members of both the bride and groom to contribute, with 81 per cent of couples saying a number of family members helped out, including 10 per cent who say they received help from siblings.