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05th May 2016

Girl uploads photos of her sister getting attacked by a goose, and she reckons it was hilarious

Did you laugh?

How do you put yourself forward as a contender for most evil sister ever?

A solid option would be to post pictures of her traumatic goose attack to social media for the entire world to laugh at.

That’s what Twitter user @steviebaegidden did, and the evidence quickly went viral.

The two photos, apparently taken by a neighbour, show a young girl called Summer getting knocked to the ground by an angry-looking bird.

In the caption her sister describes the attacker as a duck. It is quite clearly not a duck, and she later updated everyone with the information that it was in fact an Egyptian goose. An Egyptian goose in a bad f*cking mood.

Look how much this goose has it in for the defenceless little girl.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 18.33.31

Anyway, as we mentioned before, the post has absolutely blown up on Twitter, with nearly 51,300 retweets at the time of writing.

A lot of the comments were queries to whether the little girl was okay, to which @steviebaegidden replied: “she’s terrified of going outside but other than that :)))”

She also said that her sister was rescued immediately afterwards, which is good to know. We hope next time Summer experiences viral fame it’s for something totally unrelated to being terrorised by goose.