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09th Feb 2014

“Giggity, Giggity, Giggity” Eleven Lessons We Have Learned From Family Guy

We have learned so much from them...

Sue Murphy

It has been on our screens since 1999 and even though it was taken away from us on a couple of occasions, Family Guy was brought back by popular demand from the general public. Although we would find it incredibly difficult to pinpoint our favourite episodes, there are certainly lots of lessons we have learned. Here are eleven of them.

1. There’s always one member of the family that’s seen as the Black Sheep.

Unfortunately, here, it’s poor Meg.


2. A pet dog is your most faithful friend.

If they can talk, even better.

3. Always pay your debts.

Or Stewie will come after you.

4. Sometimes the bad joke is just perfect.

It may not be right but it is definitely worth it.

5. Never end a sentence with an inflection?

Like it’s a question?

6. Fame can destroy you.

Just ask Chris.


7. You will find love in the most unlikely places.

With the most unlikely person. In fact, maybe someone you never would have dreamed about dating…

8. Always be suspicious of a really big bird.

Bird is the word.

9. Don’t drink too much.

It really does not end well. Ever.


10. You don’t need to pronounce the “h” in cool whip!

Say cool. Now say whip. Cool whip.

11. Everyone, literally everyone, has Irish roots.

Take a look around people. All Irish.