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26th Oct 2019

‘Ghosting remedy’ clitoral balm exists and you’ll never worry about being left on read again

We’ll take 500ml, thanks.

Every single one of us has been ghosted.

It’s the norm these days.

Meet someone you vaguely like, go on a few dates with them, text from time to time, maybe even start to develop some actual real-life feelings and then BOOM – ghosted to fuck.

A lot of people will say it’s not personal, but it is.

You, specifically, have just been ghosted – ignored, let down, and essentially dropped, either because something better came along or they just can’t be bothered with you anymore.

Dunno which is worse, tbh.

Regardless, none of that really matters anymore because an erotic products company named Bijoux Indiscrets have only gone and created a clitoral balm that’ll make you forget all about all those pesky ghosters.

Or so they say.

“You’ll forget his name in less time than it takes to clear his number,” reads the product description.

“This special clitoral balm prepares your body for more intense orgasms. It offers a soft texture thanks to its base of coconut oil and almond oil, and provides an instant heating effect that activates the blood circulation in your clitoris to increase the sensitivity.

“Put your finger on the surface of the balm and apply it on your clitoris: you will instantly notice its heating effect!”

Sound out.

The balm encourages increased sensitivity via its heating effect, which lasts around half an hour depending on the person.

It also only costs €9.95 not including shipping for a 28oz pack too so, you know, more bang for your buck.

Enjoy it.

Images via Bijoux Indescrets.