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20th Jul 2012

Getting The Shift: Do You Have a Wing-Woman?

A new poll has revealed that three quarters of women employ the services of a wing-woman to help them speak to men on nights out...


Are you heading out tonight? Make sure you don’t forget your best accessory. No, it’s not those killer heels that make your legs look amazing, it’s your partner-in-crime.

You know – that one friend who’s always up for a dance, a drink and creeping on the local talent. Ladies, we’re talking about your wing-woman.

The Irish Sun reports that taking a wing-woman out with you is the newest trend. And hey, she might even help you to get the shift. Score, right? Literally.

Anyway, at least three quarters of women now have a specific friend that they turn to when they’re heading out to have a bit of craic with the opposite sex.

Going dancing? Make sure you take your partner-in-crime.

According to a new poll conducted by Lambrini, the ideal wing-woman is funny and friendly and she also knows how to have a bit of banter with members of the opposite sex. She’s also sound enough to let you have your pick of the fellas on a night out.

“The dating scene is a minefield and we all need a little support,” said Lorna Twee, a spokeswoman for Lambrini.

Very true, but we’d rather the right fella find us when we’re having the craic with our friends rather than actively looking for him.

Do you have a wing-woman? If you don’t, which celeb would be your ideal pulling partner?