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01st Oct 2013

“Get the Girls” – Gather Your Friends and Lend a Hand to the Irish Cancer Society

Get the girls together and help out a worthy charity...

There are no ends to the number of ways you can help out with charity fundraising. As well as helping to bring much needed funds to worthwhile organisations, one of the best feelings in the world is knowing you’re helping others – so there’s a payoff for you too!

The Irish Cancer Society are asking people to help fundraise money for their charity by organising a special get together with friends, and we’re here to lend a helping hand by giving you a few tips for the evening.

This week, we’ve got a suggestion that’s good for body and soul. While a single exercise class can set you back double figures, we’re suggesting you make a night in of it and get the girls around for a fun workout. Using a Wii or a workout DVD, get your gym gear on and perfect a routine over the course of an evening. Of course, you could just rely on that girl in the group who turns into Beyoncé in a club – we all have one friend like that!

Everyone donates a ‘gym fee’ for the evening, which goes to the Irish Cancer Society. So, while you’re having a ball with your mates, you’re all doing your bit to help out. In addition, any fundraising you do should help you and your friends to open a line of communication about cancer, and awareness is the best tool we all have in the fight against cancer.

A workout is the perfect choice for your event for another reason too; exercise and a healthy lifestyle has been proven to be a wonderful weapon against all manner of diseases, and we all know exercise is a lot more fun when you’ve got some friends by your side. Who knows, you might even make it a weekly occurrence! Then on your next night out you’ll be ready to dazzle the DJ and the dancefloor. Naturally, if this does happen – we’ll want video evidence!


Get out there, get fundraising and have some fun!

For more, visit the Get The Girls website here