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27th Nov 2012

Get Ready To Laugh Yourselves Silly This Christmas: Our Favourite TV Family Are Back

You've stuffed yourself silly, now it's time to laugh yourself silly... The Royle Family are back!


They’re our favourite festive family and Christmas just wasn’t the same without them last year…

BBC One has confirmed details of the new Royle Family special to air this Christmas.

Forget about the presents, we’re counting down the days to see the old favourites onscreen again.

The channel confirmed the popular comedy will return to their TV schedules for the first time in two years this festive period.

The new episode, penned by Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash and Phil Mealey, will see Dave (Cash) plot to pitch an idea on Dragons’ Den, while Jim (Ricky Tomlinson) pins his hopes of getting rich on a Christmas scratch card.

Meanwhile, a new neighbour moves onto the street with “an impressive cleavage”, causing a stir in the Royle household, with neighbour Joe (Peter Martin) on the lookout for romance.
was originally planned for Christmas 2011 but never materialised.

The 2010 Christmas special, Joe’s Crackers, pulled in an audience of 9.9 million, while 2009’s special had 10.2 million and 2008’s entertained 10 million.

The BAFTA Award-winning series first aired in 1998.

If you’ve forgotten how hard you laugh at the Royle crew, watch this 2010 flashback.