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21st Jul 2015

GENIUS: The Legend Behind The Supermac’s Facebook Page Needs To Take A Bow

This is brilliant.

This is brilliant. 

Whoever is behind the Supermac’s Facebook page has risen to fame this week after their pretty witty response to one post to their page.

Customer Robin Allen took to Facebook to talk to the fast food chain and their response is nothing short of hilarious.

Click image to enlarge. 

“My preferred meal is the cheeseburger meal, with the size and drinks preference based on how fat I feel that day,” Robin wrote.

“However, the last two times I’ve eaten in Heuston I have noticed that rather than the expected burger sauce, this Supermac’s uses ketchup in its stead.”

Click image to enlarge.

He also added a picture of the aforementioned ketchup.

“Don’t get me wrong, the ketchup is quite lovely, I am merely enquiring as to the reason for the difference between Supermac’s Galway and Supermac’s Heuston.”

Here’s what Supermac’s had to say…


… And we think it’s pretty brilliant.