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30th Jan 2013

Gardaí Launch Investigation Into SPAR Ireland Homophobic Insults Claim

One of the men claimed on Facebook the security guard called himself and his partner "faggots".

Gardaí have launched an investigation after a gay couple claimed they were called “faggots” by a security guard in a Dublin shop.

One of the men claimed that they were approached by a security guard and told to leave after being told to “take it back to the George you faggots”. The George is a well-known gay nightclub in the city.

The man wrote his claim publicly on Spar Ireland’s Facebook social media page. The claim caused uproar on social media sites and both Spar Ireland and the police are looking into the allegations.

In a statement, Spar Ireland said:

Spar Ireland prides itself on respect for all regardless of gender, nationality, colour, creed, or sexual orientation and abhors any action that contravenes that.

The post on Facebook read:

SPAR Ireland stated that they were trying to find the men in question to discuss the allegations further.