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24th Dec 2014

Fun Days Out Whatever Your Budget: €20, €50 or €100

Let's be honest, you're probably on a budget until February 2015...


It’s no surprise that we probably all spent a small fortune in the run-up to Christmas. Between the countless parties, gifts and essentials (chocolate constitutes its own food group), we may find butterflies in our purses where there were once coins.

With a few days holidays from work, don’t let your budget cramp your creativity.

We’ve lined up some festive fun for the varying stages of your bankruptcy:

For those with €20 or less to spare…

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Ireland is rich in history, culture, galleries and greenery. Each town has a local gem, so why not take the time to rediscover what’s on offer (especially when it’s free!) Stop by your local tourist information office for a list of attractions, opening times or even for free walking guide tours!

With that spare €20, treat yourself and a friend to a nice lunch and compare notes.

Movie Marathon

Who said you need to splash your cash for Hollywood entertainment. Sign up to Netflix and start binge-watching House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black or start into the monster marathon of Breaking Bad. Feel like a comedy? There’s plenty of film choices on there too!

With the spare €13, pop down to the shops and treat yourself to popcorn and chocolate to seal the experience!


For those with €50 or less to spare…

Blades of Glory

So chances are you’re more a squatting Bambi than a graceful figure-skater, but with ice-rinks popped up all over the country for Christmas, now is the perfect time to practice. Tickets usually set you back €15 per adult, but the hour’s entertainment and the hilarious photos will keep you warm when your bum freezes from falling! Just remember to wear thick socks so you don’t cut your feet with those boots!

Line ‘em Up

For anyone with a competitive streak, a bowling tournament can be a great way to catch up with friends while keeping score. Get a group and break into two teams. Whether you want a couple-off, or boys-vs-girls, book out a lane for a retro afternoon. Matching team uniforms are optional (but definitely worth it!)

For those with €100 or less to spare…

He’s Behind You!

Nothing gets you into Christmas spirit like a night at the panto! From local stages to theatre platforms, a man dressed in drag, shouting puns is a ridiculously fun way to spend an evening. Throw in a few bars of the latest pop hits and you’re onto a winner! Book a family pass for two adults and two children and treat some little ones (and their parents with a free babysitter) for the night!

Click On It

Why not turn that free day to a short break away? With social discount buying sites popping up every week, it doesn’t take long to find a great deal for a hotel in another city or town in the country. Whether you fancy a spa break, or maybe an adventure weekend, log on and see what they have on offer. Some sites even offer further discounts if you sign 5 friends up for the same deal!

Now all you need to do is pack the overnight bag and jump in the car! If you’re feeling wild stretch that cash for a cheeky breakfast roll on the drive down!