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19th Feb 2013

Friends Of Tragic Model Katy French Receive Suspended Jail Sentences

Kieron Ducie and Ann Corcoran appeared at Trim Circuit Court this morning to hear the ruling on their sentence for their connection with the model's death in December 2007.

Two friends of tragic model Katy French have been given suspended sentences for a drug offence related to the weekend in December 2007 when Katy collapsed at their home.

The Irish Independent reports that former couple Kieron Ducie and Ann Corcoran appeared at Trim Circuit Court this morning for Judge Michael O’Shea’s ruling on their sentence.

Last November Mr Ducie and Ms Corcoran pleaded guilty after openly admitting to the drugs charge against them.

They were charged with procuring another man, Russell Memery, to possess cocaine for the purpose of sale or supply at an unknown location between 6pm on Saturday, December 1st 2007 and 10am the following morning.

Mr Ducie was handed a two-and-a-half year sentence suspended on a bond of good behaviour for three years. Ms Corcoran received a two-year sentence suspended on a bond of good behaviour for two years.

Speaking about the case, Judge O’Shea said that it would be “inhuman” of him if he did not express his sentiments for the unfortunate death of Ms French and the effects that it had on her family.

Before her death, Katy had previously admitted that she had used cocaine in the past

Katy French had celebrated her 24th birthday days before she collapsed at the former couple’s home on Saturday, December 1st 2007. Her parents and sister held a bedside vigil for four days as Katy remained in a critical condition at Our Lady’s Hospital in Navan. The results of a postmortem examination showed that she had suffered brain damage and traces of cocaine were found in her system.

The model had previously admitted that she had used cocaine in the past and branded it as being part of the social scene in Dublin but she claimed that she had quit the drug and warned others about the dangers of using it.

Katy’s mother and sister attended the setencing hearing in Trim this morning.


UPDATE: Katy’s family have released a statement on their daughter’s website

“Kieron Ducie and Ann Corcoran’s plea of guilty to the charge of conspiring to supply drugs represents the first time in over five years that they have stopped denying their involvement,” the statement says.

“We are grateful for the Gardai’s continued efforts to get justice and we are saddened and angry that despite those efforts the second charge of endangerment to Katy’s life has not proceeded.

“The DPP has explained their reasons, and we understand them, even though they are hard for the family to accept. We are now left without a full picture of what happened. We would have liked Kieron Ducie and Ann Corcoran to take the opportunity of the court case to give an explanation but they did not,” the statement continues.

The family then goes on to outline the many questions that they have surrounding the case and lists facts about the case that they feel need emphasis.

“Katy had hardly any alcohol in her system. It was confirmed fom a medical examination on Katy’s arrival in hospital that her alcohol blood level was low, equivalent to have a glass of wine,” says the statement.

“The cause of Katy’s death is as yet unknown. An ambulance was not called when she presented signs of illness, injury or distress,” it continues.

The family also stresses in the statement that Kieron Ducie was not a friend of the model. He was merely an acquaintance. They also state that they were “deeply hurt by the way the media dealt with Katy’s death.”

The statement ends with the victim impact statement that the family was not allowed to read in court as the charge of endangerment to Katy’s life was dropped.

You can read the statement in full by clicking here.