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13th Nov 2012

Friends of Katy French Plead Guilty to Cocaine Charges Regarding Weekend She Died

The tragic model died in December 2007 after she collapsed at the home of her friends...

Two friends of tragic model Katy French have pleaded guilty to cocaine charges in relation to the weekend that Katy collapsed at their home almost five years ago.

The Irish Independent reports that Kieron Ducie and Ann Corcoran (a former couple) will be sentenced next year at Trim Circuit Court after openly admitting to the drugs charge against them.

On December 6th 2007, Katy French died in hospital four days after she fell into a coma at Mr Ducie and Ms Corcoran’s home in Kilmessan, county Meath. A post-mortem revealed that Katy had suffered brain damage and traces of cocaine were found in her system.

Both Mr Ducie and Ann Corcoran admitted that they had bought the cocaine, affirming that they were “guilty” during the short hearing.

A post-mortem examination revealed traces of cocaine in Katy’s system

Katy French had celebrated her 24th birthday days before she collapsed at the former couple’s home. Her parents and sister held a bedside vigil for four days as Katy remained in a critical condition at Our Lady’s Hospital in Navan.

Katy had previously admitted that she had used cocaine in the past and branded it as being part of the social scene in Dublin, but she claimed that she had quit the drug and warned others about the dangers of using the drug.

Her family were present at the hearing today and were supported by gardaí during the short trial. They are expected to return when Mr Ducie and Ms Corcoran are sentenced on February 5th 2013.