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31st May 2016

There are free cocktails at this Dublin pub – but only if you can beat the barman at a certain game

Roll up!

Feeling lucky?

A couple of free cocktails could be within grasp if you reckon you’re in luck.

With the excellent weather over the last few weeks and the rumours that it will only get hotter, beer gardens everywhere are chock full of revellers, delighted to soak up a few rays.

There’s only one thing better than sitting out in the sun with your mates and that’s… free cocktails! *salsa lady emoji*

meangvia Giphy

Yes, that’s right ladies, one of our favourite haunts, McGowans of Phibsboro are offering punters the chance to win a free cocktail  – but only if you can win a game of heads and tails.

As the game goes, if the coin falls on heads, you drink for free (hurrah) and if it’s tails, you gotta cough up your hard-earned dough.

The legendary Phibsborough pub is offering the new fruity beverages as part of their new cocktail menu selection and the promotion runs from 30th May until the 4th June.

Thanks to our brothers at JOE for spotting this story – they drink more Cosmos than all the Sex and The City gals put together.