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25th Aug 2012

Forget Boring Wedding Photos The Latest Craze is Raunchy Snaps of Newlyweds in the Boudoir

Traditional photos of a smiling bride and groom are traditional but American photographers have been inundated with requests to snap photos of the morning after.

Photos are a huge part of every wedding.

We take photographs of the dress, the cake, the first kiss and the flowergirl but the latest craze in wedding photography is snaps of the bride and groom in action, if you get the drift.

According to The New York Daily News, photographers on the east coast of America are being hired to shoot intimate pictures of newlyweds in steamy showers and luxurious four-poster beds as they spend their first night together as man and wife.

New Jersey-based photographer Michelle Jonné charges $650 for her services and has seen a rise in the number of couples who want to be photographed while getting down and dirty on their wedding night.

“We do it very sexy and implied,” she said, speaking of her work.

Couples are hiring photographers to take snaps of them in action

The photographs show the newlyweds as they remove their clothes before baring all to the photographer.

“I wanted to do the shoots to show that [marriage] is happy … it’s sexy and it’s not over,” she said.

One of Jonné’s customers Inna Shamis said the photographer offers a fantastic service.

“The minute she told me, I thought ‘that is brilliant,’” Shamis said.

“When you get married, you’re in the best shape of your life and why not have these memories.”
“As the day progressed, we established this fantastic chemistry with her,” said Shamis.

The bride hopes to one day share the images with her children.

“I wouldn’t show this to them at the age of 10.

Photographer Melissa Squires said the photographs show a closeness between the newlyweds

“But when they’re older and can understand it. It’s their parents looking artistic … not at all pornography,” she said.

Melissa Squires, who runs A Girl in Love Photography in Detroit, Michigan, said that the latest craze captures closeness between the couple.

“The feeling I try to capture is closeness,” Squires said. “That lovely calm and happiness one feels when they realise it’s for real, now they are really husband and wife.”

Do you think this is a service Irish couples may be interested in?