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23rd Apr 2013

For Sale: Unique Irish Design Up for Grabs on

One man's thrash is another man's... "Fully Recycled Chair with Can Holder"

Say what you like about a recession, it certainly brings out the creativity in people. Take Patrick, for example, who yesterday uploaded this snap of his homemade furniture to classifieds site

Billed as a “Fully Recycled Chair with Can Holder”, it seems as though Patrick has found a new an exciting way to create masterpieces with his household waste. The picture isn’t the best quality, but if you’re worried about whether it will look good in your sitting room, fear not. Have you ever seen a room that wasn’t bettered by some masking tape? 

The full, rambling description reads:

Beautiful hand-crafted ergonmic chair made from the finest bottles produced in Ireland. Very lightweight so can be moved around easily. Also contains can holder for convenience surpassed by nothing.

Bottles on back of chair may also be filled up with drinks of your choice, (will need one of them long bendy straws to drink out of it though).

Ideal for after a long weeks work when you go into that pub and you know the barman knows exactly what you want.

It comes you can hear it being planted. The playful splashing of the bubbles on the top of the glass, the condensation as it drips cooly like a shnake down the side of a mountain, the curves of the glass like some sort of Belgian model’s hips, and you grab that pint and you can feel that condensation teasing the palm of your hand and your fingers and once that fluid just flows forth like some sort of floodgate of love, as those bubbles come through your teeth. You know you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

Price: € 15
If you’re interested, you can view the advert and contact details for the seller here. If you buy it… invite us over, will you?

UPDATE! 16.45

Team are delighted to share the news that we have been invited over to the house where the chair currently resides, pre-sale. After we posted this story, we received a lovely email from Aaron, who is a student in DCU, and who is responsible for this creation along with his friends Colm and Scott. (It seems that Patrick was an alias all along… HOW MANY LIES, MEN?!). We have now been invited over to see the chair for ourselves, and the lads have also provided us with an earlier picture of the chair, taken after it was first completed in February of this year. All we’re saying is, there’s better be a beer pre-planted in that arm when we call over.