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27th Sep 2012

First Two Baby Meerkats, Now Two Baby Red Pandas! What Will Dublin Zoo Welcome Next?

Dublin Zoo seems to have more births than a maternity hospital these days. It was only a week ago that they announced that they had two new baby meerkats.

Today, Dublin Zoo revealed that they have two more new arrivals in their presence: two adorable red panda cubs!

While the animals are yet to be named, the zoo has said that they are both female and that they are the second set of twins that parents Angelina and Chota have welcomed.

The baby red pandas ventured out during the day for the first time.

The cubs were born in June but have only just been sighted as they don’t usually venture out during the day.

Speaking about the new additions, Team Leader Eddie O’Brien said: “Red pandas are endangered in the wild so we are over the moon that this is the second litter born at Dublin Zoo within a year.”

One of the brave cubs decided to take a walk by herself.

“They are both doing very well and getting more adventurous and confident as they can now be seen exploring their habitat during the day,” he added.

And he’s not the only one who is glad that the pandas decided to venture out into the light. We think they’re just adorable and besides, they do say that these things come in threes.

Here’s hoping the next babies are of the elephant variety. Although to be honest, we’d take any type of baby animal!

So cute: one of the baby red pandas poses for a picture.