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29th Dec 2012

First Look: What Ireland’s 2013 Car Registration Plate Will Look Like

In a move that aims to increase car sales and, for some avoid the superstitious number '13', there will be a number plate with a twist for the new year...

Number thirteen is lucky for some, unlucky for most…

And so, from January 1st, 2013, all new cars on Irish roads will have a number plate with a twist.

The number plate ‘131’ will come into effect on New Year’s Day, but a second registration plate will come into play on July 1st.

From then, ‘132’ will be spotted on all new cars around the country.

The move aims to encourage people to buy cars in the second half of the year.

The photos were taken at Kearys Renault in Cork where the team there is preparing for the big changes.

What do you think? Fantastic idea or a waste of time?

The gang in Cork show off the number plate that will ring in the new year…