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26th Dec 2012

Find Out Which Celeb Is Not On Such Friendly Terms With Facebook Anymore!

Oopsy daisy it seems the shoe is on the other foot as this celebrity falls foul of the social networking site’s latest application.


Ironically Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder Mark, is complaining that her privacy has been breached as one of her photos was taken off the social networking site and shared on Twitter.  

Facebook has long been accused of taking advantage of user’s privacy concerns, so the fact that one of their own family members felt the sting is no doubt being seen as a late Christmas present by the company’s critics. 

In the photo, Randi’s younger siblings and parents are pictured jokingly reacting to Facebook’s new Poke application. Mark is also in the snap, standing in the corner- wearing his trademark hoodie and a smirk while the rest of the clan looks aghast at their cell phones, presumably mocking the latest picture and message sharing device.

The new version of ‘pokes’ will allow users to send fleeting messages, pokes, photos and 10-second videos to friends. These messages then expire after a set period of time with no option for retrieval by either party again. The expiry date makes it perfect for sending salacious images without leaving any evidence. 

Unfortunately for Randi she wasn’t able to employ a similar self-destruct button for this photo.


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