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28th Feb 2013

Fifteen Of The Best Characters From Father Ted

Obviously we are not including the four central genius characters here...

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the death of the late great Dermot Morgan which left us quoting Father Ted in the office and talking about the best characters who appeared alongside Ted, Dougal, Jack and Mrs. Doyle during the show’s run. Everyone has their Father Ted favourite, here are fifteen of ours.

1. Father Paul Stone (Michael Redmond)

The exceedingly boring priest, who Father Ted eventually puts in the hospital… Unintentionally of course.

2. Mary and John

The couple who own the local corner shop, Mary and John are constantly “bickering”, i.e. beating the living daylights out of each other. “Mary was just washing my hair Father, she has such soft hands…”

3. Father Dick Byrne (Maurice O’Donoghue)

Father Dick Byrne, better known as the bane of Ted’s existence, is basically Father Ted but on another island… “Look at Dick Byrne there, showing off…”

4. Father Fintan Stack(Brendan Grace)

Brendan Grace has claimed on many occasions that he is more popular for about five minutes on screen time in Father Ted than he was in his entire career. Well, that’s easily explained. “If you ever say that to me again, I’ll put your head through the wall.”

5. Father Larry Duff (Tony Guilfoyle)

“I know, Father Larry Duff! I’ll give him a call.” Basically, nobody should have ever called poor Larry…

6. Father Noel Furlong (Graham Norton)

The performance that kick-started the career of England’s most popular talk show host, everyone wanted to be trapped in a caravan or on a plane with Noel Furlong! Didn’t they?

7. Bishop Brennan (Jim Norton)

Don’t call me Len! Bishop Brennan, the bishop who didn’t really seem like he wanted to be a Bishop, was one of the best recurring characters of Father Ted. Didn’t we all want to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse?

8. Tom (Pat Shortt)

“It was my money Father, I just didn’t want to queue.” Tom was the slightly dangerous, but lovable rogue on the island. Well, he couldn’t really be trusted could he?

9. Henry Sellers (Niall Buggy)

“Sack me? SACK ME? I MADE the BBC!” The alcoholic presenter soon ended up back on the wagon as soon as he got to Craggy Island.

10. Fr. Damo Lennon (Joe Rooney)

“Here. Which one do you prefer? Oasis or Blur?” Damo, the Dublin priest visiting the island, soon began to lead poor oul Dougal astray…

11. Pat Mustard (Pat Laffan)

Damo Lennon wasn’t the only visitor leading people astray. One of the most legendary guest appearances was the player milkman… Who wanted to put his massive tool in Mrs. Doyle’s box.

12. Sister Assumpta (Rose Henderson)

Because haven’t we all been caught on the sitting room floor with a face full of chocolate?

13. Eoin McLove (Patrick McDonnell)

Sure, he loved jumpers and his nanny and he had no willy, any Irish singer this might remind you of?

14. Niamh Connolly (Claire Grogan)

“I love the crude religious imagery! YES!” The popstar Niamh, who reminded us of a similar uber feminist who wasn’t too keen on the church, was eventually asked by Dougal to take off her bra. No, literally “You take off your bra, and I’ll make the tea.”

15. Father Kevin (Tommy Tiernan)

You build them up with Shaft, you break them down with Radiohead… Tommy Tiernan’s very early appearance on Father Ted was nothing short of genius.