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05th Dec 2012

Festive Fall-Outs: The One Thing That Couples Row About Most Over Christmas…

We all know that during the festive season, it's perfectly natural to have a bit of a row with your other half. We didn't think that the number one thing to row about was the following though...


Christmas is a stressful time and we all know that tempers tend to run a bit high in the weeks leading up to the big day. There are a couple of normal things that couples fight over, for example: we fight over which side of the family to spend Christmas with, we fight over how much money to drop on presents (the list goes on and on).

However, we didn’t know that turning the heating up is the number one fight that every couple has over the winter months (specifically during the festive season).

Yes, according to some new research conducted by Polypipe Home Solutions, as soon as temperatures start to plunge, domestic bliss takes a major downturn as we fight over the heating.

We’ll fight with our fella if he turns the heating up and we’ll fight with him if he turns the heating down (or he’ll fight with us). Either way it seems that neither gender can catch a break.

Another common fight is with regards to who used up all the hot water and 96 per cent of the women questioned for the research admitted that this was a particular peeve for them. Opening windows was another thing that really grinded women’s gears.

Would you freak out if your man turned down the heating?

Nearly half of the people questioned said that they hated having cold feet and one in three women confessed that to heat their tootsies up, they place them on their other half’s feet when in bed. While others said that they’d cuddle up to someone they didn’t really like, just to get warm.

Lying under a blanket, sitting with a pet on your lap or sneakily stealing the entire duvet as soon as your partner falls asleep are all other popular ways of keeping warm.

“Not being warm enough can often be the main cause of friction in an otherwise happy household, so it is no wonder winter woollies are often a popular Christmas gift,” said Martin Dootson, a spokesman for Polypipe Home Solutions.

Are you guilty of nicking the covers as soon as your man falls asleep?