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15th Aug 2012

Feeling Good With Georgina: Take Up Weights to Lose Weight

Resistance required - check out Georgina Ahern's tips on the best way to lose weight and tone up.

If you attend a gym, have a programme or attend classes, you will already be aware of the benefits and results you can get from resistance training.

Nevertheless, it’s good to get a reminder every now and again of why we bother putting ourselves through some of these workouts. 

The benefits of resistance training are proven, but still some of us girls are put off, with many thinking that they may bulk up or achieve an unwanted muscular appearance.

The fact is, even if you wanted that look, it would be a lot more difficult to achieve than you actually might think!

The good news is that resistance training actually helps us in many ways, including weight-loss and toning up, and regular training will give you a leaner and slimmer appearance. And, all of this can be achieved without having to lift very heavy weights. 

Small hand weights are a good way to start, and there are plenty of different exercises to choose from working your both your upper body and lower body.

The biggest motivation to add some resistance work to your training is its benefits to your metabolism. Although cardio work will help you burn the calories, resistance training can help speed up your metabolism greatly.

Working your muscles means that even when you’re resting or sleeping your body is burning up more calories, so the hard work you put in earlier in the day can help you clock up some extra calorie-burning brownie points when doing nothing later that evening!

Remember when you are beginning it’s all ‘low weights and high repetitions’ to start, and in no time you’ll see the results you want – you’ll be burning fat, toning up and feeling good.

Rest days and recovery days are important too, so remember not to work the same muscles every day, as they will need time to repair. A period of 48 hours is usually advised between working particular muscle groups.

Make sure you vary your workout and work all muscles. It’s all about balance, so no area is over worked and another ignored – which could lead to muscular imbalances and injury.

Remember nothing’s magic, and a healthy varied diet is important too, but resistance training is still a winner in my book, so try and incorporate some into your own programme and see how it goes.

Doing just that small bit of training really helps you to look and feel good.


Enjoy, and pump it!

G x