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16th Nov 2012

Fed Up Of Sharing a Bed With Your Man? Buy This (Creepy) Boyfriend Pillow!

Are you tired of your man's nocturnal noises? Are you fed up of sharing a bed with someone who farts like a trooper? Why not invest in the Boyfriend Pillow? It's quiet, it doesn't talk and he'll hold you all night long...

Nothing quite compares to snuggling under the covers with your man. You get all warm and cosy and everything is so peaceful and lovely – eh, until he starts snoring/farting/hogging all the covers.

Farting aside, we do enjoy having himself there to give us hugs while we settle down to sleep. So what’s a girl to do?

Well, you could ditch himself and invest in something that can “hold you all through the night without snoring or saying a word.”

Ladies, allow us to introduce you to the bestselling Boyfriend Pillow. Made by Wayfair, this man substitute is made up of a cushiony half-torso that has a big arm on one side. Basically you can use the arm “as a prop-up, a neck-roll or to wrap around the body simulating a lover’s embrace.” Nice, right? Check it out:

The Boyfriend Pillow: comforting or so very, very creepy?

According to the website this pillow-boyfriend is made of memory foam that is designed to “pad the curves of your body” and it comes dressed in its own removable shirt, to make cleaning him that little bit easier.

“This fun and cosy snuggle pillow is excellent for people whose partner is away on military leave or work absence,” says the description for the Boyfriend Pillow.

“Singles who desire to feel the touch of a man, without actually having to be with one, will love it too,” it continues.

But what will your friends think if they see it lounging on your sofa? Pah! Don’t worry. According to the description of the product “your friends will love it for its sexy originality.”

Hmm… we imagine our friends would just think we’re creepy for having such a thing in our homes…

Anyway ladies, it gets even better. Would you believe that the company also makes a Girlfriend Pillow? Yep, we’re being serious.

Look at her. Isn’t she a beaut?

The equally disturbing Girlfriend Pillow. We’re not sure why she has a yellow hand…

The Girlfriend Pillow is much cheaper than the Boyfriend Pillow, probably because it looks way weirder. Made out of pink foam, it features the obligatory boobies and a bizarre bright yellow hand (we don’t even want to know).

What do you think? Is it time you replaced your man with a memory foam pillow?