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22nd Feb 2013

Fancy A Day Off Work, For Free? So Do Sinn Féin…

You might not agree with their politics but this is one party proposal we’re fully behind!

They’re known for their controversial proposals but something tells us that the republican party will have full support in their latest endeavour.

Sinn Féin is pushing for a new bank holiday to ‘mark the sacrifice of men and women who gave their lives in pursuit of an independent Irish Republic’.

The potential holiday, which they are calling ‘Republic Day’ would take place annually on April 24th to mark the anniversary of the reading of the 1916 Proclaimation by Padraig Pearse.

Speaking about the potential holiday as he published the Holidays Bill 2013 yesterday, Dublin South Central TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh said: “Many nations celebrate the birth of their nation, be it the date of a major battle that won independence from a colonial force or a date when their nation was proclaimed to the world.

If we took a holiday, it would be so nice…

“Many nations who have yet to with their independence also have national holidays to mark a date when their nation was declared. Ireland should be no different.”

Ireland already enjoys nine bank holidays a year, two more than England and Wales who only get seven.

And in America, citizens are only entitled to 10 days annual leave and a miserable one public holiday a year.

Another one would be nice though…