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03rd Feb 2015

Fan of Board Games? You Will LOVE This News 

Pass Go – collect €20,580.

Rebecca McKnight

If ever you needed some inspiration to become a property mogul from your own living room, this might be it.

Classic board game Monopoly, conservatively estimated to be the source of about 50 per cent of all family arguments, is celebrating its 80th birthday this year in France.

To celebrate the landmark, game makers Hasbro are issuing special editions of the game. In one very special box, the Monopoly money we know and love will be replaced with its equivalent in cold, hard cash – a whopping €20,580 in total.

Contestant Christina Brown plays the fir

In total, 80 lucky buyers will be in for a windfall. Besides the jackpot box, 10 sets will contain five €20 notes, two €50 notes and one €100 note. Sixty-nine other boxes will include five €10 notes and five €20 notes.

There are 500,000 sets sold each year in France. Now might be the time to pick one up.