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06th Mar 2013

Fair Play To Ya! How You Make A Difference For Fairtrade Fortnight

Some of the ways you can do your bit for Fair Trade Fortnight

We are nearing the closing weekend of Fairtrade Fortnight, which runs until Sunday the 10th of March. The initiative, run by Fairtrade Ireland, aims to “support the people who grow the things we love.” Here are five ways you can help with their mission…

1. Buy Fairtrade products

The most important way you can help is by beginning with charity at home, buy fair-trade products! Buying a fair-trade product means you are guaranteeing a producer in the developing world a fair price for his product. Fair-trade agreements exists on products like bananas, cocoa, coffee, fruit, rice and sugar. Look for the fair-trade symbol and get to know the companies who endorse fair trade. Good deed for the day, sorted.

2. Stock Fairtrade products

If you own a store, make a conscious decision to stock freetrade products. Retail and Catering directories contain lists of registered fair-trade distributors and over on the Fairtrade Ireland website, you can find details of Wholesalers who can supply your shops.

3. Ask shops, cafes and supermarkets to stock fair-trade products

So you’ve been wandering around the supermarket, doing your good deed, looking for fair trade products and you’ve noticed that the shop you are in doesn’t stock them. Ask! Speak to a manager or owner, inform them of fair trade policies and ask them to stock fair trade products. You can also get your school or college to stock fair-trade products.

4. Become a Fair Trade Town

If you head over to Fair Trade Ireland, you can find the goals and guidelines to becoming a fair-trade town as well as a form to register. Working towards Fairtrade status will bring neighbours, families, local authorities and businesses towards a common goal and achievement. You are also added to an international directory which keeps tabs on what fairtrade towns are up to.

5. Get Involved

Fairtrade Fortnight is asking everyone across the country to get involved, set up an event and make people aware of fair-trade. For a full list of events happening across the country, head on over to the Faitrade Fortnight page. Alternatively, you can download posters and banners, which can be used in schools or order materials for the event.