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16th Nov 2015

Extraordinary Footage Shows Pregnant Woman Being Pulled To Safety From Window Ledge

Warning: Video contains content some may find disturbing.

Megan Cassidy

A man has described the extraordinary moment he pulled a pregnant woman to safety from a window ledge following the attack at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris on Friday night. 

Footage shows the moment the lady is pulled to safety, after hanging from the window ledge of the Balaclan venue after the gunmen struck.

WOman hanging

Now, the man responsible for saving her life – Sebastien – has opened up about the shocking events and exactly how he did it.

Sebastien explained in a piece for his local paper:

“In front of me there were two windows.

“In one of them a pregnant woman was hanging – she was begging people below to catch her if she jumped down as
it was chaos.

“I went through the other window, and I clung to a vent. I was 15 metres above the ground and I held on for five minutes and then the pregnant woman, who was exhausted, asked me to help get her back inside.
“That is what I did.

“I do not know where she went afterwards – I returned to my hiding place which was not good.”

According to the Irish Mirrorthe woman, who remains unnamed, was able to get in touch with Sebastien and thank him.

Watch the extraordinary moment here:

Video via YouTube/RT