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12th Feb 2013

Eight-Year-Old’s Complaint Letter To Disney Dream Cruise: He Doesn’t Think He’ll Go There Again

We'll go for you Ethan, just let us know when you're offered the trip...!

A letter from an 8-year-old to Disney Cruise Line has gone viral on the internet.

His dream had come true, he got to go on a Disney Dream Cruise. Except it wasn’t what he expected, none of his Disney heroes were there to greet him.

Ethan was disappointed by the lack of “cool” male characters on board the ship, especially the absences of Aladdin and Captain Jack Sparrow.

He said he’s “not sure we’ll go on another cruise again.”

The letter read:

Dear Disney Cruise Line,

My name is Ethan. I am 8 years old. I just got back from a trip on the Disney Dream. I had a pretty good time but it could have been better.

I wish I could have met some princes like Aladdin or Eric, but there were no boy characters on the ship. I would also like to meet Jack Sparrow. It made me a little said I complained a lot.

I’m not sure we’ll go on another cruise again. I hope that you’ll make a change so that other little boys can meet the guys they think are cool.

Sincerely, Ethan