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22nd Nov 2013

Eight Things You Own That Prove You’re a Grown Up

Welcome. You made it.

 Sure, you might feel like you’re all grown up the first day you head off to college and wave your teary mam and dad away with barely a backwards glance… but it’s the day you can claim ownership of these eight items that adulthood truly has arrived.  


A fancy corkscrew

One that wasn’t purchased at the same time you bought a bottle of wine and panicked.

A ‘stuff’ drawer

If it contains spare batteries instead of used batteries, you’re even more mature.

Spare sheets

Enough to fill a shelf in the hot press. Mammy would be proud.


‘Good’ luggage

Not necessarily designer or anything, but a step up from a €20 splurge in Penneys. Investment purchasing. ‘Sure I’ll have it forever’.

A folder

In which you keep neatly organised receipts for bills that have been paid on time, records of your NCT, tax statements – all the boring grown-up stuff.

Your own saucepans

Used approximately five times before you remembered how much you love takeaways and Pot Noodle. Washing up is a b***h.


A Billpay phone

‘Ten euro top-up will last me the month. Be grand.’ Remember those days?

A Value Club card

Have you SEEN how many points there are on carrots this week?