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15th Jul 2015

Eight Things…. That Happen When You Move In With Your Other Half

Say goodbye to any mystery

So, you’ve made the momentous decision to move in together. Congratulations! You’re in love, on top of the world and generally feeling excited about life. And so you should be.

Gone are the days of wondering whether you’ve left clean clothes at his place and arguing about who stays with who. You’re entering a whole new world of remote control wars, housework debates and decorating battles. And you won’t want to change it for the world.

Here are eight things that happen when you move in with your other half…

1. The big trip to IKEA

You and your other half take an expedition into the unknown; a shopping trip to the world’s largest furniture store. This outing has the power to make or break the most stable and loving of relationships. A list of essential items will be drawn up before you leave your shiny new home, but once you clap your eyes on all the beautiful things in IKEA, sticking to a budget goes out the window and an argument about cushions ensues in the bedroom department. The excitement of moving in together allows you to overcome the petty squabble, you start having fun and you make your way through the IKEA feeling like a real grown up. For the most part…


2. The end of any sense of mystery

It’s over. So over. While living in such close proximity to the love of your life comes with many great benefits, sharing a bathroom with them isn’t one of them. Hairy sinks, flooded showers, wet towels and boxers on the floor are some of the fun new features to enjoy in your new living quarters. Not to mention the toilet noises you can’t help but overhear…

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3. The rapid realisation…

That one of you way messier than than the other person ever knew. Once you shack up together, it’s impossible to hide anything. In fact, the only place to get privacy is in the bathroom. Which is now either flooded or covered in hair. You will fight about the housework and discover new annoying habits you couldn’t even have imagined were part of your other half’s daily life.


4. The great decorating debate

Moving into your own grown up couple house doesn’t only involve a unification of you and your other half for a lifetime of domestic bliss. Oh no. It also means a coming together of all of your stuff. So much stuff that you never even knew the other person had. The days of designing your own space to your heart’s desire are over, and a decorating compromise will need to be reached; the ultimate battle of the sexes.


5. You start off your food shopping trips with great intentions… 

And cooking eachother delicious meals in your brand spanking new kitchen. This doesn’t last too long, and before you know it you’ve stopped food shopping altogether. You enter a world of takeaways. Lots and lots of evenings spent enjoying cosy takeaways together…


6. Netflix…

Becomes the third person in the relationship. Remote control wars will happen, but once you fall in love with the same show, there’s actually nothing better. When you move in with your other half, you never need to worry about going out again. A night spent snuggled up on the couch with your half? It doesn’t get much better than that.

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7. The days of silky smooth legs are over

God speed to anyone who can keep this going, but for the vast majority of us, once we move in with our other halves, the shaving game is up. And you don’t really care.


8. When you get home after a bad day…

Your favourite person is always there to make you feel better with a hug, a cup of tea and a bar of your favourite chocolate. You’ve got someone to listen to every single minute detail about your day, and you also get to hear all about their day. And the longer you live together, the more you realise you can’t wait to get home.


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