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04th Jul 2012

Ease Your Commitment Fears By Taking Our Advice

We're here to help relieve your anxieties before you embark on a new relationship.


It’s not just men who are afraid of commitment, as most of us girls know. Sometimes embarking on a new relationship and committing to another person can be scary especially when you are leaving your single life behind. It is okay to be a little weary about committing to a relationship and we have some advice to help ease your anxiety and sooth you into a couple.

  • Ask yourself why you might feel this way. Often, people who have issues with commitment have had an experience that has made them feel this way. If you have had a bad experience with a former boyfriend it might be making you wary about entering another relationship.
  • Take it slow. There is no need to rush into a relationship and it is perfectly okay to take things at your own place. Go on a few carefree and fun dates and get to know the other person. Taking it slow will help you come to terms with the thought of embarking on another relationship and help you begin to see yourself as somebody’s girlfriend.
  • Don’t be wary about losing your freedom. Explain to your partner that you are a person who enjoys your independence and your own space. Most men will respect this.
  • If you have a fear of getting hurt, ask yourself if the person you have been dating is worth the risk. Remember that all relationships come with a possibility of getting hurt and if you’re having a great time with this person it might just be worth taking a chance.
  • Talk about your issues with the other person and get yours fears out into the open. It will help your date to understand why you are anxious about becoming a part of couple and if he is worth it he will give you some time to breathe.