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02nd Apr 2013

Duped! UK Teen Blasts BBC After She Claims They Conned Her Into Bad Driving Show

The teen star of the show says she thought she was filming something "like The Only Way Is Essex".

Plenty of people are itching for their few minutes of fame, and most snap it up foolishly without thinking twice about the consequences.

This is what happened 18-year-old UK teen Amy Smith.

Smith claims she was set up by a BBC programme after unknowingly taking part in a documentary about bad driving, the Daily Mail reports.

Smith said she thought she was taking part in a lifestyle show, something along the lines of ITV2’s The Only Way Is Essex, after responding to an advert asking for “fun and confident groups of friends”.

The 18-year-old said she thought the BBC were filming her every day for the reality TV show, when in fact they were filming her bad driving.

The BBC have responded to the claims and said that her parents were aware of the concept during filming and Amy signed a release form once it was revealed what the show’s aim was.

Amy’s bad driving will be revealed to all in the series, Barely Legal Drivers, which is starting tonight on BBC3.

The show kicks off with “bad drivers” Tommy and Chantelle. 

The show features teenagers who were tricked into filming a lifestyle programme, but are later told it was their driving that was being observed all along.

Amy Smith said: ‘”I’ve been set up. I thought it was going to be like The Only Way Is Essex.

“If I had known it was about driving I would never have taken part.”

A BBC spokesman said: “We are surprised Amy is saying these things as once the real purpose of the show had been revealed she was happy to sign the release form.

“In addition the consent forms the parents were asked to sign are so thorough they leave no doubt as to what the real programme is about.”

Well one thing’s for sure, we’ll all be tuning in to see Amy’s driving…