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16th Sep 2021

Dublin nurse scammed out of all her savings warns others

Ellen Fitzpatrick

She lost over €6,000.

A Dublin based nurse had her world flipped upside when she became the victim of a scam which led to her losing her life savings.

After the country experienced scam call after scam call over the last few months, we were all told not to answer, but for Zuzanna, it was more tricky than that.

After a long night shift, she was awoken and disoriented when her phone was ringing. Immediately answering she was told she was a suspect in a criminal investigation.

She went on to speak to a few operators posing as officers of the Financial Criminal Authority until she was guided into downloading an app and transferring funds to protect them from fraud.

“They just put me in a perfect storm. I was exhausted after night duty. The automatic message said it’s a last warning and I’ll be prosecuted. So I waited for the operator. I have to say they were pros.,” Zuzanna told

“They gave me my case number and told me to write it down for future correspondence. They told me that my PPS number is involved in money laundering overseas. That there is €180,000 debt in my name already.

“I was in bits crying, hysterically. I authorised everything. He was so reassuring that he even told me ‘ma’am, you seem so distressed please have a sip of water.’ They [were] supposed to send me my money back once I open a new account with a new PPS number.”

Getting upset, the man on the other end told her he believed she was a victim of identity theft and the “real criminals” would not get her money if she transferred it to an app called “safe virtual wallet.”

It wasn’t until she went for a run after that it clicked with her, she had been scammed.

“I felt so heartbroken and embarrassed. I simply was too tired that day to think clear. I went for a run after that conversation and only then I realised I’ve been scammed,” Zuzanna said.

Reporting the incident to the Gardaí, Zuzanna was told to contact both Bank of Ireland and Revolut, but little could be done as she willingly transferred the funds, a total of €6,600.

Knowing she should’ve caught on quicker, the exhaustion from her night duty in hospital made her not be able to think clearly, and she’s hoping it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“I’m the prime example that in certain circumstances anyone can be fooled. They were just so lucky with me. I’m so embarrassed. But if my story can help anyone I’m more than willing to share it,” she added.

Zuzanna has set up a GoFundMe to help her recover the savings she has lost.