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05th Jul 2016

Dublin bus drivers did what most people would do after winning the Euromillions

You can't blame them really.


Picture this.

It’s Friday evening and you’re driving the bus through rush hour traffic. It’s pouring rain, someone is eating a bag of chips upstairs and the vinegar is mingling with the damp seat smell. Yet another commuter is yelling at you for being 5 minutes late and a baby starts to cry. You stare wistfully out the foggy window and wish you were somewhere else.

You get home, go to bed and wake up Saturday morning a millionaire.

As most of the country knows by now this was a reality for the 22 blessed Dublin Bus drivers who scooped the €23.8 million Euro millions jackpot on Friday. The syndicate is expected to take home roughly €1,083,866 each.

The drivers are believed to all hold senior positions in Dublin Bus. According to The Mirror, none of the bus drivers turned up to work on Monday morning.

Which got us thinking here at Her HQ. Is it possible to retire on just over a million euro? In this day and age is a million euro really a life changing amount of money?  How far would just over a million euro stretch? Would it be enough to quit your job?

We did some calculations, looking at houses, cars, holidays and some other necessities to see how much a million euro gets you these days.

You could buy a charming 4 bedroom end of terrace house in the yummy mummy mecca of Malahide for €660,000.

House in Malahide

How about a flashy new BMW convertible with leather interiors and heated seats a steal at €39,150.


A two week family holiday for two adults and two kids in a five star resort in Cancun in Mexico will set you back a mere €37,031.


Treat yourself and five of your closest, dearest and most loyal friends to a year long membership at Tayto Park for €195… and they say you can’t put a price on friendship.

Tayto park

Apparently, €40,000 plus can get you none other than former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to show up at your event, kiss babies and shake hands. Who knows? He might even sing a tune or two, lord knows he can spin a yarn.


(image via

As for the rest, I’d say once you’ve paid back those loans, sent the kids to college and exclusively shopped in the Marks and Spencer food hall for a year or two you’ll be back to square one, cursing at cyclists and Luas drivers by College Green.